Using software and database technology, Stratsoft captures detailed market data and develops analytical tools for tracking and strategic decision-support.




Our methods are based on rigorous quantitative methods developed over many years of practice. Stratsoft has originated a number of data development and analysis software programs to draw out new meaning and insight from data. We favor data that has high original reliability and cross-reference this with similar data in order to improve the integrity further.

Systematic, and often statistical, analysis combined with fully auditable data can yield powerful insight and a common information set that decision-makers can together use to plan strategy and represent opportunity to their stakeholders. These data and insights are often tied to economic models to provide a precise selection of cost justified opportunities with network designs, bills of materials, and trade-off analyses to enable fully informed decision-making.

Stratsoft builds custom databases that consist of:

Multi-Source Data

We are experts at identifying and evaluating, identifying and extracting knowledge from a wide range of data suppliers. We know how the data are put together, what accuracy and comprehensiveness they have.

Project-Specific Data

Data types break down into the “3 C’s” – Customer data, Client company data, and Competitor data. This Supply & Demand database becomes the Fact Base for most planning and analysis.

High Integrity Data

We “clean” the source data (remove anomalies, duplications, transcription errors), geo-code it (give each location a Latitude/Longitude) and unify it so that all fields are available for analysis and display.

Recent Example

A well known and respected data set recorded some 55,000 businesses in a study region. By combining this with other data sources the Stratsoft data-set contained some 92,000 records.