Stratsoft has over 14 years experience in putting Business ecosystem strategy-making into practice within the communications industries.

We retain substantial information about costs, pricing, competition, technology, trends, and forecasts that are supplemented with new research as required.

Stratsoft founders worked with Jim Moore (The Death of Competition: Leadership and Strategy in the Age of Business Ecosystems) to originate, teach, and apply Business Ecosystem Strategic Planning methods and Stratsoft has a well-developed system for applying these methods to business and go-to-market strategy, network expansion and optimization initiatives.

Business Ecosystem thinking is a systematic strategy-making process centered around these main topics;

business-ecosystems Business Ecosystems
shaping-business-evolution Shaping Business Evolution
value-architecture Value Architecture
transformational-thinking Transformational Thinking
beachhead-maps Beachhead Maps
office-of-the-ceo Office of the CEO
personal-leadership-campaign Personal Leadership Campaign

Our experience of developing and modeling data and our experience in the industry allows Stratsoft to provide advice that is a based on both the understanding and analysis of the data we develop for the project and our experience of undertaking related work on other projects.