The key to successful strategy is intelligence about your Company, your Customers, and your Competition.

Stratsoft provides executives and key decision makers with the information they need to navigate the ever-changing supply & demand issues facing the communications & broadband industries. Stratsoft delivers auditable and reliable facts about network infrastructure supply, customer demand and competitor presence within a secure, map-based custom application with analysis tools that both the client and Stratsoft can use together to evaluate and design the optimal business solution. This shared data and analysis platform enables quantitative market analysis, economic optimization and network designs to allow our clients to make informed and confident commitments. This workplace is also a powerful way to support partnering between groups whether inside or between organizations.

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We have created a shared workspace to enable clients to perform tasks such as manipulating data, scenario planning, etc. on their own. Learn More…

How We Do It

We use proprietary geo-economic maps and models to turn client, customer and competitor data into concise information for executive decision makers. Learn More…

Current Activities/Areas of focus

  • Identifying the most cost-effective network extensions to address needs for Cloud Computing services
  • Developing a portfolio of private towers for dual use in the cellular sector
  • Using several thousand dense urban sites and backhaul for Small Cell deployments
  • Planning the conversion of Cell site backhaul from out-sourced Lit Services to in-sourced Dark Fiber
  • Evaluating the cost/benefit of a next generation Mesh Network technology for new investment
  • Evaluating a tower portfolio for suitability as Small Cell sites
  • Planning new fiber deployments for both commercial and “Social Good” broadband
  • Business planning for small  cell deployments in tourist towns where the subscriber population grows by an order of magnitude in season
  • Analysis of the use of Unmanned Aerial Systems (Drones) for utility network inspection with respect to FAA controlled airspace
  • Optmized long-haul bandwidth pricing strategy

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