Stratsoft provides full spectrum support for strategic initiatives and business development programs. The main components of the services are:
These services can be used for a variety of applications such as:
Market Mapping

Databases, analysis algorithms and Geographical Information Software (GIS) are used to develop detailed information about our client’s market. This fact base enables scenario and other analysis routines for:

  • Market entry and expansion strategies
  • Marketing and Sales campaigns
  • Proving the case to the customer and the customer’s customer
  • Company business planning
  • Investor and board presentations
  • Operational deployment and network architecture plans
Decision-Support Tools

The databases, analysis systems and results Stratsoft develops are always transferable to our clients as part of the project. Often they have lasting value well beyond the time period of the project and Stratsoft supports the continued independent use of these systems by the client as a decision-support tool such as;

  • M&A analysis tools
  • Network Design for telecommunications and other infrastructure providers
  • Market analysis and opportunity representation for Partners and Investors
  • Marketing Strategy and Sales tools
  • Software and databases to support Call center Agents
Strategic Planning Workshops

Stratsoft has developed unique methods that use systems thinking, scenario planning and business ecosystem analysis to lead groups through the strategic planning process for; Market research and insight

  • Supply chain, competitors and adjacent company analysis
  • Bargaining power and influence mapping
  • Risk analysis and contingency planning
  • Scenario and preferred outcomes analysis
  • Strategic beachhead mapping
  • Change campaign and stakeholder influence plans
  • Change management and organizational re-structuring
Business Development Evaluation and Planning

Stratsoft brings systematic evaluation techniques that result in well justified business development plans. our client to have confidence in the information and reasoning underlying its initiative.Work plans within this category include:

  • Business Case Validation
  • Business planning
  • Economic analysis
  • Investor business case development
  • Board submissions
Alliance Development

We focus on developing a portfolio of partners at different points along the supply chain, and with adjacent companies that provide complementary products/services to the same customers as our client, and occasionally with competitors. This allows systematic consideration of the client company’s bargaining power, ally motivation and intent, and most profitable areas of collaboration that then help structure the alliance proposition, often as part of an overall portfolio of alliances. We focus on:

  • Partner identification and research
  • Partnering purpose and partner motivation
  • Staged partner development plans
  • Partnership oversight and management
Technology Commercialization

Intellectual property, methods, concept proofs, and prototypes often require commercial evaluation for licensing, collaboration, protection and exploitation strategies. Stratsoft undertakes analysis, planning and evaluation of this type of intellectual asset so clients can realize realistic value for their investment. Services include:

  • Patent portfolio mapping
  • Value and value enhancement
  • Licensing, sale and collaboration options
  • Protection, policing, and prosecution strategies
  • Direct and indirect competitive innovation
Senior Executive Marketing

Stratsoft specializes in building the strategic investment case that makes our client’s products and services critical to the development of their customer’s business. This is a powerful complement to traditional sales & marketing campaigns as it creates senior executive champions within the customer organization that can support and endorse serious evaluation of our client’s products and services.

Investment Due Diligence

Stratsoft reduces investor risk by providing independent corroboration (or otherwise) of claims made in an investment business plan. Our analysis and market quantification systems often become an analysis asset for the investee company when investment is made.