Why Stratsoft?

The key to successful strategy is intelligence about your Company, your Customers, and your Competition. Stratsoft provides executives and key decision makers with the information they need to navigate the ever-changing supply & demand issues facing the communications & broadband industries. Stratsoft delivers auditable

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Broadband Demand

Data from a well known and respected data seller recorded some 55,000 eligible businesses in a project study region. By combining this with other data sources the resultant Stratsoft data-set contained over 88,000 business prospect records.

UAS Mission Preparation

To win approval to fly commercial UAS flights requires data, maps and analysis. Over the last 5 years Stratsoft has developed this capability for over 25 FAA BVLOS approvals and many more internal business cases.

Rural Broadband

Stratsoft supported over 100 broadband applications for government BTOP stimulus funding with a 68% success rate. For one large BTOP project Stratsoft created the partnership, built the business and network deployment plans and continues to support the project by developing

Network Extension Design

In a study to plan which Off-Net switches should be brought On-Net Stratsoft developed algorithms to measure the value of the Addressable Market for each Off-Net switch. This then enabled a network design that selected the most valuable route for

Dark Fiber Backhaul

Stratsoft has undertaken numerous designs and economic cost/benefit analyses to bring Dark Fiber and Fixed Wireless backhaul to cell sites. This allows the Carrier to plan the most cost effective staged conversion of from third party backhaul services to controlling

Small Cell Deployment

Small Cell deployments require sites and backhaul. Stratsoft has undertaken Site & Suitability analysis for a number of site portfolios to evaluate and market their use for Small Cells. This has resulted in Teaming Agreements with Carriers to use these

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